We Specialised in
Cattle Tag
Container Seal/ Bolt Seal
Truck/Tarpaulin Seal
Tanker Seal
Courier/Post Bag Seal
Cash Bag Seals
ATM Casset Seal
Electric Meter Seal
Food/Bar Trolley Seal
Metal Band Seal
Pull Tight Seal
Drum Seal
Strap Seal
Baggage Seal

Today Pilferage & theft of utilities are not only local or national problems but they are international problems. Million of Dollars are lost due to theft by means of Pilferage. Yash Seals Pvt Ltd is an ideal and innovative answer to security problems providing both strength and ease of application.

Our expertise & experience of providing security solutions could help you to identify, authenticate & meet your needs in the field of

Preventing unauthorised visual access to secure against contamination.

Additional security & traceability throughout the supply chain to safeguard against theft

A combination of secure closure with the additional authentication of a corporate logo.

Process ensuring the veracity of information and preventing attempted fraud

Printing of Logo & individualisation as desired by customer with non-repeat serial numbering make each seal unique and cannot be replaced even by own employees of the customers, if they desire to do so.